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Welcome to the British Drum Co. 


We are driven by our passion to create the finest drums and percussion instruments for musicians who recognise and value the highest of standards.

We select the highest quality timbers before handcrafting our shells in our cold-moulding process to maintain the sonic integrity of the wood. Our Palladium hardware graces each drum and every single detail is checked with a forensic accuracy before our exacting quality control signs off the products prior to delivery to our customers.

Our philosophy is based on a rich heritage of British drum-building craftsmanship. We wholeheartedly embrace the timeserved techniques and traditions that are acknowledged to contribute to the finest examples of the craft. However, we are a company that continually looks to the future, placing innovation right at the heart of our brand in order to develop instruments that look amazing, sound amazing and make you feel amazing.



Cold-Press Moulding

Cold-press moulding is the key to the British Drum Co. signature sound. As the name suggests, it is a procedure that eliminates the use of heat in the shell building process.


The iconic Palladium hardware that now graces all British Drum Co. drums is one of our proudest achievements.

Led by our design team, we worked long and hard in the development of this elegant hardware, researching the geometric and graceful examples of the classic Art Deco period of art and design.


The elegant symmetry of the architecture, the flowing lines of the automotive industries' greatest cars and the timeless poster designs from the classic days of cinema all contributed to the melting pot of influences that led to Palladium.

Drawing on our rich experience in woodworking and drum shell manufacture, we believe it is the best way to handcraft our drums. Cold-press moulding maintains the optimum sonic qualities of the wood which would otherwise be compromised by the addition of a heated process.


It does mean our drums take a little longer than most to create, but we believe this gentle, crafted approach is rewarded by a far superior tone. The resulting sound is well worth the wait.

Worth the wait

British Drum Co. drums are regarded as the finest shells by Rhythm Magazine.

“The shells are flawless resulting in a versatile professional sound.”

The aesthetics alone were not our only challenge. Whatever we developed also had to function as a piece of high-quality drum hardware, enhancing and complementing the integrity of our shells.


Practicality of production was also a major consideration, ensuring trouble-free manufacture whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel of every item.

The result was the outstanding hardware that you see on all our drums. Unique and instantly recognisable, Palladium hardware is a confident example of our commitment to quality and innovation. There is even a respectful nod to the heritage of classic British drum making.


Solid, reliable engineered hardware, beautifully presented in rich, chrome-plated steel - Palladium plays a major part in making British Drum Co. drums look amazing, sound amazing and feel amazing!

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