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British Drum Co. Lounge Series drums are available as single instruments so you can expand your Lounge drum kit to suit your requirements as your drumming style evolves.

Rack Toms

6 x 6 • 8 x 7 • 10 x 7 • 12 x 8 • 13 x 9 • 14 x 10

Floor Toms

14 x 14 • 16 x 16 • 18 x 16

Bass Drums

18 x 14 • 20 x 14 • 22 x 14 • 24 x 14



Evocative of a fine wine, Lounge Series drums deliver rich, complex, full bodied and vibrant textures assuring a fine vintage sound.


Lounge Series drums are 100% handcrafted using our unique cold press technology.

Mahogany and Scandinavian Birch veneers are
cross laminated to form a super strong yet thin 5.5mm shell.

Finished with an inner veneer of Mahogany and 30 degree round-over bearing edges, Lounge series drums deliver superior warmth with a level of definition, projection and power rarely associated with drums of this style.


Class leading tuning flexibility allows drummers to play creatively and with ease in any musical situation. Tune high for exceptionally responsive warmth and brightness whilst tuning low delivers deep rich tones with no loss of response or clarity.

Lounge Series by BDC - The Postmodern Classic

LOUNGE Series 


Elegantly stylish and furnished in Palladium hardware, and Overhead drum heads by British Drum Co., our 14” deep Lounge Series bass drums feature finish-matched hoops for a classic look and feel.