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Find out more about the team behind the badge at British Drum Co.


Founding Director

Keith is one of the leading drum designers in the world today, and has been crafting his art for over two decades. Starting with woodwork at an early age with his father, Alan Keough, before moving on to an apprenticeship as a carpenter.


Working briefly as a drum-tech at Moolah Rouge Studios in Stockport in 2003, Keith first met the drummer from the Verve, Pete Salisbury. Pete helped and inspired Keith to start his own brand of drums and in 2004 Keith opened KD Drums.


Throughout the years at KD Drums, Keith gained a formidable reputation as a leading custom drum-builder which caught the eye of Premier Percussion, and in 2011 Keith sold KD Drums to Premier joining them as their Head of Manufacture and Design.


During Keith’s 4 years at Premier he designed the entire British Collection range which included the award-winning Modern Classic drums as well as the One Series and the elusive BEAST snare drum. Keith is immensely proud of the global reputation that the British Drum Co. has established since its formation in 2015.



Al is one of the UK’s most recognisable comedians! In his guise as the Pub Landlord he has played drums with the likes of Phil Collins and Queen as well as touring the world appearing on TV and radio.


He has published books and is planning a movie, but his first love is drums. A keen and enthusiastic drummer, Al has played since he was a kid, and is currently active in the band 'Fat Cops' who released their eponymous debut album early in 2019.


Al is extremely passionate about all things drums and drumming and sees the British Drum Co. as a chance to get involved with something he loves at the very highest level.

Nicko McBrain

International AMbassador

As the long-serving drummer with superstar Metal band Iron Maiden, Nicko McBrain is recognised as a world-class drummer, not only among his peers, but also as one of those rare drummers who can be considered a household name. With multi-platinum album sales and sold-out tours under his belt, Nicko is a global drumming icon, admired and respected everywhere.

Stu Warmington

International Sales director

A drummer with Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Corps of Drums for 22 years, Stu has extensively travelled the world playing for the Royal Family and Heads of State. Stu has worked passionately with many national youth bands over the years and was appointed as President of the Traditional Youth Marching Band Association, a position he held for over 7 years. In 2016, Stu became a member of the United States National Association of Rudimental Drummers (NARD). Overseas, he is the Strategic Advisor for the Washington Tattoo and Percussion Advisor for the Liberty High School Grenadier Marching Band in Bethlehem, USA.


The world of marching drums is steeped in Stu’s blood. Even from a young age he was a martial music enthusiast, so much so that when other children used to walk to school listening to the latest chart music on their Walkman, Stu was listening to military marches and stepping out with a good 30” pace!

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