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Classic Art-Deco styling combined with exceptional build quality makes the British Drum Co. Palladium snare strainer a solidly dependable component on the Maverick snare drum.


Inspired by the iconic Art-Deco styling of the 1930s, our high-quality chrome-plated Palladium lugs feature ThreadGrip technology for rock-solid tuning.


British Drum Co. drums feature handcrafted laser-engraved vent badges denoting the name of the drum and proudly displaying that our drums are Made In Britain.


The British Drum Co. name badge is quietly confident in its minimalism - a simple laser-engraved badge which displays the beautiful Eucalyptus veneer for an understated self-assurance.



10 ply Maple Shell

14 x 5.5" / 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum

The Maverick is our first Maple snare drum. In response to overwhelming demand, we have created a snare drum to meet the needs of drummers everywhere. Designed to become your trusted, reliable “workhorse” snare, the Maverick will not disappoint.

The Maverick is a truly versatile snare drum with an awesome tonal range, designed by the British Drum Co. to inspire your playing to new levels of creativity.

Handcrafted in the UK, the Maverick is available in both a 14” x 5.5” and 14” x 6.5”, 10-ply North American Maple shell with a Eucalyptus outer veneer. Maverick features 30º round-over bearing edges, constructed using our unique cold press moulding process to create a shell with exceptional structural and tonal range.

With its stylish Palladium hardware and delicate figured finish, the Maverick is the epitome of classic drum styling.

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