Legend Series - these drums absolutely have the right name! The Legend Series speaks with awesome power and projection in any musical situation. The secret lies in the construction of our drums. Legend Series drums are handcrafted using our unique cold-press moulding with 100% Scandinavian Birch, cross laminated into a 6mm thick shell. Legend’s super-strong shells are precision-cut with 45 degree bearing edges and finished with 2ply reinforcement rings. The results are astounding - naturally lower fundamental tones with immediate attack and deep, controlled sustain.



It may look small, but The Imp packs a punch way above its weight. This professional kit is no lightweight, offering a level of power and projection to rival the volume of a much larger kit.


Beautifully finished, inside and out in our luxurious Kensington Knight finish, The Imp kit is comprised of a 16” x 10” bass drum, 13” x 10” floor tom and a 10” x 6” rack tom, with the option to add a 12” x 5.5” matching snare drum. The Imp is handcrafted from 100% Scandinavian Birch using our unique cold-press moulding system to the same exacting standards as our Legend and Lounge series kits.


Potent, powerful and portable, The Imp is the compact professional kit that delivers a huge sound.


Available separately is a 12" x 5.5" matching specification snare drum




Every British Drum Co. drum kit is fitted with our stunning Palladium hardware.

Click here to find out more about how British Drum Co. drums look amazing with Palladium.


Cold-press moulding is the key to the British Drum Co. signature sound. Click here to discover the unique way that British Drum Co. builds our amazing drum shells.