Axial Bass Drum - Designed to complement the Axial Snare and Tenor drums, the Axial Bass Drum is handcrafted with 8ply Scandinavian Birch using our unique cold-press moulding process.   The inclusion of our FlipBack™ quick release system and SecureLoc™ tensioning system allows for fast and easy head changes.


Featuring Georgian Oak hoops as standard with a unique chamfered edge for a more streamlined profile.  The Axial Bass drum also features a multi-position carry rail for custom placing of harnesses.

  • 8ply 5mm Grade A Scandinavian Birch Shell

  • 45º Bearing Edges

  • Georgian Oak hoops with head stress-management system

  • Remo USA Heads

  • FlipBack™ Quick Release System

  • SecureLoc™ Tensioning system

  • Multi-position Carry Rail

  • Magnetik Drum Key

  • Powder Coated hardware as standard

FlipBack Off.jpg

FlipBack™ OFF

Quick release tension system makes head changes quick and easy

FlipBack On.jpg

FlipBack™ ON

Tuning is solid and reliable with SecureLoc™


AXIAL Bass drums are available in the following finishes:


Cosmic Blue

Cosmic Red

Cosmic Silver

Cosmic Green

Cosmic Purple

Cosmic Black


Cosmic Blue Fade

Cosmic Red Fade

Cosmic Silver Fade

Cosmic Green Fade

Cosmic Purple Fade

Cosmic Blue Burst

Cosmic Red Burst

Cosmic Silver Burst

Cosmic Green Burst

Cosmic Purple Burst



Scarlett Merlin

Marine Merlin

Silver Tulip Burst

Skye Blue

Tamo Scarlett Burst

Smoked Walnut Burst

Sterling Silver Burst

Tamo Marine Burst

Tamo Regal Burst


Buckingham Knight Stripe


AXIAL Bass drums are available with the following hardware:

Coloured Hardware can be mixed and matched to other colours.

All Hardware options are available in Standard and Ultra Finishes only (i.e. not available for Reserve Finishes).


Cold-press moulding is the key to the British Drum Co. signature sound. Click here to discover the unique way that British Drum Co. builds our amazing drum shells.