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Connor Hopkins


Connor is a UK touring drummer, best known playing for the artist Dylan. Career highlights include supporting Ed Sheeran on his Mathematics World Tour, Bastille on their Give Me The Future Tour, Tate McRae’s European Tour as well as playing at various major festivals around the globe.

"I’ve always been a huge fan of white drum kits but for my new kit, I wanted something that would stand out when lit up on stage. The Whitehaven finish is the perfect finish for me, with the combination of a white base colour and various different colours when light hits the sparkle.

Similar story with the gunmetal hardware. I’ve always liked my hardware being slightly off-chrome as it can transform the look of a kit, making it look a bit more aggressive in my eyes. This was a trend that I wanted to keep up and I am very thankful that Keith and the team could create the vision I had.

The kit feels amazing to play and sounds unbelievable, which is everything you want from a drum kit.

I feel honoured to be joining the BDC family. Some of the greatest looking and sounding drums out there, all made in the UK. The level of detail throughout the drums is second to none and unlike any other drum company."

"I chose to play BDC drums because they look unbelievable, sound amazing and are all made in the UK! On top of this, the level of detail that goes into BDC drums and the processes taken to ensure they are of the best quality is also a big factor.  When I visited the factory back in November, it was such an amazing experience to see the different stages a drum goes through before it turns into the finished product. It was a real eye-opener into how good BDC are at making drums, it’s hard to describe the level of detail the team goes into creating these instruments."

Connor's Set Up

Legend Series - Whitehaven

10x7 Rack Tom

12x8 Rack Tom

14x12 Floor Tom

16x14 Floor Tom

22x16 Bass Drum

Aviator Snare Drum 14x6.5

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