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Nicko McBrain's The Future Past Tour Drumkit

Nicko McBrain with his new drumkit for The Future Past Tour
Nicko McBrain with his new drumkit for The Future Past Tour

The moment is here. We've officially announced the launch of Nicko McBrain’s Future Past drum set as Iron Maiden venture on their latest world tour.

Carefully designed and manufactured by the British Drum Co team and based on Nicko’s signature ICARUS Series drums, the Future Past drum kit is testament to the dedication and skill of the team who have brought it to life by embracing the true style of Iron Maiden's current tour. From the hand-flamed copper hardware to the stunning artwork on each drum, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to create an awe-inspiring drum kit.

Nicko McBrain's new drumkit by British Drum Co.
Nicko McBrain's new drumkit by British Drum Co.

Iron Maiden's new drumset presents unparalleled craftsmanship from British Drum Co., with each drum shell cold-mould pressed using Birch and Black Oak veneers. The result is a kit that not only looks breathtaking but also delivers outstanding sound quality.

One of the standout features of Nicko’s kit is the artwork displayed on each drum. Featuring various Eddies from Iron Maiden's Senjutsu Album, the drums exude a captivating visual appeal that reflects the spirit of The Future Past Tour.

The combination of Palladium and Casino hardware, which has been individually flamed using a blowtorch, creates a unique and aged copper appearance that perfectly complements the artwork on the drums.

Close-up of the designed Counterweights and Nicko McBrain's badge on the bass drum

The attention to detail extends to the smaller elements as well, with dice on the Casino hardware to label each stand, ensuring quick setup and teardown.

Additionally, counterweights on overhanging boom arms provide rock-solid stability during Nicko's performance.

The drums' handcrafted nature and innovative drum manufacturing traditions make it overall truly special. With a beautiful blend of stunning aesthetics, superb craftsmanship, and exceptional sound quality, this kit promises to make a drummer like Nicko feel amazing while delivering an awe-inspiring performance.

Watch the full process of the kit build via the video above.

As Iron Maiden continue their worldwide Future Past Tour, British Drum Co. are proud and excited to see this new drum kit being played by the one and only Nicko McBrain, who also acts as our International Ambassador. This stunning kit not only looks and feels amazing, but also delivers an exceptional and powerful sound, which you will hear on stage throughout this year.

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