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British Drum Co. is excited to announce Nick Banks, from the legendary Britpop band PULP, to the family of artists.

Welcome Nick Banks, drummer of PULP, to the BDC Artist Roster. PULP have recently reunited for a series of shows including the Isle of Wight Festival, London Finsbury Park, TRNSMTFestival, Latitude Festival, Neighbourhood Weekenders and two homecoming shows at Sheffield Arena.

Connor Hopkins I am BDC announcement

Nick Banks has been an admirer of BDC kits for some time. He comments "My local drum store had some BDC kits and the guys there were very complimentary. Interest piqued. Pulp were due a de-frosting so getting into a BDC kit seemed a great way forward."

The PULP drummer came by the factory last November to take a look at how their drums were made. "I visited the factory and it was so very evident that the folks making the shells, applying the finishes and fitting the hardware were doing it with such love and care - it was lovely to see.

"The expertise involved is staggering; everything has to be just right. The love transfers into the drums themselves. It was wonderful to see almost a family making great British Drums. Felt like home. - Nick
Jack Geary with his new MERLIN Snare drum
Nick Banks photographed with the BDC team

When deciding on what kit to choose, but after following some advice, Nick proceeded with a Legend kit in Ravenglass. He writes "My original thoughts were for a natural wood finish such as Tiger Tiger, New Forest, or so but once ‘the daughter” TM had been considered it was suggested something a little more ‘bling’ was required."

"I also realised that most of the drum kits I have had over the years had been a sparkle finish, so Ravenglass was required. It looks so good. It’s also kind of a blue black finish that changes depending on the light."

Nick Banks with his new LEGEND Ravenglass Drumkit

As well as the Ravenglass Legend Drumset, Nick has also gone with a Bluebird and Talisman snare drum to accompany his new collection.

"I’ve not had the kit long but I’m looking forward to getting it all mic’d up and played in anger - gonna be great seeing folk look round with the ‘why are you even louder??’ look on their face..." - Nick

Tina Clarke, Artist Relations Manager of British Drum Company, also comments on the new addition to the Artist family. "'Felt like home.' - such a significant statement from our new artist Nick Banks. I felt like that when I joined BDC and they’re words I hear from many of the drummers when they visit the factory. At BDC we are big fans of PULP so are delighted to welcome Nick to our family, and look forward to seeing them live over the summer months."

You can read more about Nick Banks on his Artist Page, including his kit setup and social handles.

To learn more about the Legend Series kit and the two snares, find the links below:

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