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Classic triple flange hoops and vintage-inspired single flange hoops included with every Firebird to make it your own!

beautiful on the inside

The fierce scorching of the copper-over-brass shell is compliemented by beautifully designed laser engraved interior washers securing all badges and lugs. 


The Firebird has an incredibly special vent badge detailing the story behind its name. Inspired by the pheonix rising from the ashes, the Firebird vent badge is a symbol of rising up from challenges and always looking ahead.


The chrome-coloured B badge on the Firebird is colour co-ordinated with a stylish gold back panel, complimenting the look & feel of warmth and passion to this exceptional snare drum.



1.2mm Copper over Brass Shell

14" x 6" Snare Drum

Forged with fire! Introducing Firebird the fiery fusion of craftsmanship and musical
genius. Born from the collaboration between British Drum Co., the legendary Nicko
McBrain, and Rebecca McBrain, Firebird emerges as the ultimate testament to rock'n' roll resilience.

This masterpiece draws inspiration from Nicko's electrifying 'The Future Past Tour
2023' kit, featuring hand-torched BDC copper palladium hardware.

Each copper over brass Firebird shell undergoes the meticulous hand torching
process, resulting in mesmerising scorch marks—truly unique to every drum.

With its double bead design, it channels sound with unparalleled precision, while boasting stunning Palladium hardware and gold coloured tension rods for that extra touch of glamour.

But that's not all—Firebird offers versatility beyond compare. Choose between two hoop variations: the classic triple flange hoops or the vintage-inspired single flange adorned with mini claws.

So, seize the flames of creativity and set your rhythm alight with Firebird—the snare drum created for champions!

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