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British Drum Co. announces the addition of Maisie Peters' drummer Jack Geary to the family of artists.

Welcome a new member to the BDC artist group, Jack Geary. Jack is a UK-based drummer currently performing with Maisie Peters, a British pop singer known for her song 'Favourite Ex'.

Connor Hopkins I am BDC announcement

Jack's first step into the BDC world started off with a factory visit. He writes "Whilst visiting the factory, I could see everyone was really passionate about making the drums. I learnt a tremendous amount from my visit, seeing how the drum starts from a singular piece of wood to the finale product. There was a real close knit family vibe, which for someone newly joining is an amazing feeling to instantly get."

I find my BDC Legend series kit has a really controlled sound which makes playing them live/in a recording scenario really easy, they're the perfect drums!

Jack Geary with his new MERLIN Snare drum
Jack Geary with his new MERLIN Snare drum

To accompany his new Legend Series drumkit in a Ravenglass finish, Jack also grabbed a Merlin 14 x 6.5 snare drum. Jack comments "The Merlin Snare is the best snare I have ever owned. The finish is classy and stands out amongst other snares drums. This is all backed up with the sound it produces, it has that low thud which I love mixed with some brightness giving it a massive sound cutting through a mix perfectly, it’s my No.1! The FOH engineers are VERY happy"

CEO of British Drum Co., Keith Keough, commented on the new addition. "Jack Geary is an awesome drummer and chose the perfect kit & snare for his tour with Maisie Peters. I'm excited to announce him as a new addition to the family of BDC artists and even more excited to watch him perform with his BDC kit!"

You can read more about Jack Geary on his Artist Page, including his kit setup and social handles.

Learn more about LEGEND series and the Merlin Snare.

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