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Happy New Year!!

It seems a bit strange to be saying that at the end of February but here we are nevertheless (yes, we know we're late!).

Already 2023 seems like it's going to be busy as we've got the off to a flying start with new artists and product, more of that can be read about further in this article.

Royal Marines

Since late last year we've been working closely with Royal Marines Band Service on their new cypher. Not only does

it change to CIIIR but there's the addition of the Tudor Crown of which the Royal Marines crest will have 7. Their new drums are currently being made and will be revealed for the first time during The Kings coronation in May. Carrying on with the Royal Marines we recently welcomed students from the Royal Marines School of Music who came up for a tour of BDC HQ. The team included the newest members of the Buglers Branch who have just started their musical training right through to some of the most senior members who are currently on their promotional B1 course. It just so happened that Jim Kilpatrick was at BDC HQ that day which was an extra surprise for the young trainees.

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

In February we signed the Red Hot Chilli Pipers on a monumental 10 year endorsement deal. Formed in 2002, the ‘Red Hot Chilli Pipers’ (RHCP) are a Scottish Celtic rock group, known around the world for creating and performing tunes using guitars, keyboards, drums and their bagpipes to create their own unique ‘Bagrock’ sound. As you read this the RHCP are currently in the middle of their USA tour. This endorsement was a bit of a first for BDC as the band crosses over the two divisions, Marching & Drumset. The band choose Scarlet Ash Burst for their drumset and Axial snare drum.

You can read the full press release here

New Product Launch

"Your first step into the brand"

Launching soon the RS1-P. Keep an eye an our social media platforms in the next month or so.

'Marching Orders' Blog

As promised we have consolidated all the previous issues from 2021/22 into one pdf so that you can read it at your leisure especially for some of the early ones you may have missed. Click Here

Marching Merch!

make sure you're looking sharp in 2023

Click here for our shop ;-)


Next Issue will focus on the new RS1P, our trip to London for the Royal Marines Mountbatten Festival of Music Concert and a new feature called 'Meet the Dealer' where we will introduce you to our marching dealers from around the world.

Stay safe


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