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Seasons Greetings!

As we slowly start to turn off the plugs and stow away the equipment we look back on another year that has past us by in a flash. It's fair to say coming out of covid has been hard for the marching arts but youth bands, pipe bands and all other types of marching organisation have soldiered on and it seems like we're now at the end of it. 2023 looks like being the first normal year since precovid for competitions and bands touring and traveling all over the globe to take part in tattoos and other exchange type programmes.

This year has seen some new additions to the marching division with the likes of Peter Vulpherhorst, Mark Reilly and more recently Jake Jørgensen and Scottish Power joining the ranks. You can read more about Jake and Scottish Power further down.

Drum Corps Hall of Fame

November saw BDC artist Mark Reilly inducted into the Drum Corps Hall of Fame. The event was held at Valley Forge Casino Resort in Philadelphia.

Mark was award the International Achievement Ward for his work working with and connecting with drummers for all over the globe.

Jake Jørgensen & Scottish Power Pipe Band

What better way to finish off the year year then signing up Jake & Scottish Power to the BDC marching roster. Jake will be visiting BDC HQ on our first day back after Christmas ,where he'll be given the full tour of our facility and more importantly choose the finishes for Scottish Power and his own individual drums. We're already looking forward to seeing what he decides to go with.

2022 Photo Round Up

Some highlights from events this year where BDC has been represented.

Marching Merch!

It's not too late to add a few items to your letter to Santa or better still send him the link which can be found here ;-)


Well that's me done for done 2022. At the start of the new year, you will be able to download all previous editions of "Marching Orders" in one pdf.

I just want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Until 2023!

Stay safe


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