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  • RS1P - 14” x 12” Single Lower Snare Strainer

  • Weight - 4.7kg

  • 8-ply 5mm Grade A Scandinavian Birch

  • 45º Bearing Edges

  • Pre-dampened Batter Head

  • Triple Flange Steel Hoops

  • Mk II Palladium Strainer

  • Palladium Lugs

  • Polished Steel Ball Feet (optional extra)

  • ​Supplied with a British Drum Co. Magnetik marching drum key as standard

  • ​Available in Gloss Black, Gloss White and Military Red & Blue Livery


Handbuilt with an 8ply 5mm grade A Scandinavian Birch shell, the 14" x 12” snare drum includes a pre-dampened batter head on a 45º bearing edge and Palladium MkII snare strainer on the lower head only.

The RS1P is finished in our signature Art-Deco inspired Palladium hardware, with the aim to deliver a stylish look with reliable functionality. 

To find out more information, including pricing, contact your local dealer

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