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The British Drum Co. is pleased to announce that Peter Vulperhorst is the latest Marching Division artist to join our artist family. Peter started drumming from the age of 7 where he was taught by his father-in-law, Sjoerd Westra, a musician in the Dutch Marines, Tamboers & Pijpers. At the age of 12, Peter started a high-quality classical percussion program with his teacher, Johan Faber, one of the best percussion teachers in Holland at that time. In 1993 he graduated Cum Laude (UM) at the Utrecht Conservatory where Johan Faber was still his teacher, mentor and coach.

From 1987-1992 he studied Orchestral Percussion, Classical Snare Drum, Marimba, and the Teacher degree at the Sweelinck Conservatory Amsterdam. Peter says “teaching students on community level, International Masterclasses for semi-professionals and professionals always has been my life work, inspiration and motivation to continue as a musician”. His highlights include teaching at the National Conservatoire in Lisbon, The Royal College of Music London, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester UK and the Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam and in several colleges in Asia.

After many successful years in the Marching band scene as teacher, arranger and composer, Peter was appointed Jury-Adjudicator at various international percussion festivals and marching band competitions such as:

  • WMC World Music Competition Kerkrade Holland

  • DCE Europe

  • Drum Corps Indonesia

  • WAMSB Copenhagen

  • PAS Italy International Competition

  • TPAA Taiwan World Percussion Championships

In 2015 he started a new Drum Corps in Holland called Traditional Collective Fife & Drum Corps., a high quality (semi) professional rudimental Drumline/ Fife and Drum Corps.

Commenting on the new addition to the Marching Artist Family, British Drum Co. Marching Division Manager, Stu Warmington, said “It’s exciting to bring in another amazing drummer into the traditional side of the division and Peter is very well known in the traditional drumming world. I’m delighted to be able to bring Peter onboard and I feel honoured he’s chosen to join British Drum Co. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us.

Peter Vulperhorst commented, “I can’t express how rewarding it is for me to be part of the artist team of British Drum Co. The past couple of years have been very turbulent for many companies, however British Drum Co. attracted my attention as they spent this time developing new and enhancing current products. Having visited the factory, I was blown away by the ambition of this team of specialists. The care and craftsmanship they put into their products is just stunning. Joining as an artist is a very exciting prospect and I look forward to working with fellow BDC artist Russell Piner and Marching Division Manager Stuart Warmington. I feel humbled to be able to represent British Drum Co. during my tours and clinics. BDC stands for excellence in sound, projection and comfort.

Peter will be using the Regimental Series RS1G snare drum in Military livery and the Axial Series snare drum in Cosmic Blue Sparkle Burst.

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