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Russ Piner

Corps of Drums of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines


Russ Piner is a serving member in the Corps of Drums of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. His extensive career has afforded him many opportunities to excel as a composer and as a drummer; writing multiple compositions and gaining his diploma in Snare Drum & Natural Trumpet in 2012. In 2017 Russ became Bugle Major Training at the Royal Marines School of Music and is responsible for the development of all Royal Marines drummers and buglers.


He has had the privilege of performing with some of the world’s best drum lines, including Top Secret Drum Corps, West Point ‘Hellcats’ Field Music Group and The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps. In 2016 Russ became a member of the United States National Association of Rudimental Drummers (NARD), and in 2018 he was appointed to the education committee for the Society of International Rudimental Drummers (SIRD).

Kit Setup

"I am incredibly thrilled to be working with the talented artisans at the British Drum Co.  Tradition and innovation are at the very heart of who BDC are, and nothing exemplifies this more than what they are doing with their Regimental Series Drums.  Beautifully handcrafted, using traditional techniques, combined withe cutting edge design... This is truly an exciting time to be a drummer."

Russ Piner
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