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Jim McDermott

Del Amitri/Simple Minds/Kylie


I have been so fortunate to be playing professionally since the age of 16, still at school and doing a session for a BBC series called Tutti Frutti.  Some lucky breaks along the way and eventually doing many studio albums with GUN, Simple Minds, Deacon Blue, Hipsway, del Amitri, Justin Currie, Ricky Ross and most recently on a track with Flea on bass from the RHCP.

My live work has been long and varied too, from Wembley stadium to closing the Glasgow Commonwealth Games with Kylie Minogue and Lulu.

Music business is a strange old business, but drumming and drums are the real business, where it all began and the joy that it brings.  BDC are continuing that joy and passion for me.

Legend Series

  • 22 x 16 kick drum

  • 12 x 8 tom

  • 13 x 10 tom

  • 16 x 16 tom

  • 18 x 16 tom

  • Merlin 14 x 6.5 snare

Kit Setup

"I chose to play BDC drums,mainly because I trust Keith Keogh with every idea he has had with drum construction and attention to detail,which on these Legend Series drums,is unbelievable. And I know exactly how good they sound,since I first played a prototype kit in 2015. Just blew me away."

Jim McDermott
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