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British Drum Co. Live Lounge Series drums are available as single instruments so you can expand your Lounge drum kit to suit your requirements as your drumming style evolves.

Rack Toms

6 x 6 • 8 x 7 • 10 x 7 • 12 x 8 • 13 x 9 • 14 x 10

Floor Toms

14 x 14 • 16 x 16 • 18 x 16

Bass Drums

18 x 14 • 20 x 14 • 22 x 14 • 24 x 14 • 26 x 14



Live Lounge Series is our range of drums designed to deliver warm and complex tones, evocative of the most revered vintage drum sounds.


Live Lounge moves away from the club-style aesthetic of old with an expanded choice of finishes which include the full range of our stunning SX and UX finish options, complete with matching bass drum hoops. 


Offering a more contemporary look and feel, Live Lounge appears more imposing with the addition of a slightly elongated tom lug, and rack toms now come fitted with tom brackets as standard. Live Lounge just got lively! 

Live Lounge Series shells are handcrafted using our unique cold-press moulding with 9ply Mahogany and Scandinavian Birch, cross laminated to form a super-strong, thin shell only 5.5mm thick. Finished with an inner veneer of Mahogany and 30 degree round-over bearing edges, Live Lounge Series presents a rich complex warmth with defined projection and power.


Live Lounge Series offers incredible versatility. The tuning range is wide and rewarding - tune high for a responsive warm brightness or tune down to achieve deep, rich, low tones - inspiring you to play creatively and with ease in any musical situation.



Elegantly stylish and furnished in Palladium hardware, our 14” deep Live Lounge Series bass drums feature finish-matched hoops for a contemporary look and feel.

Instantly recognisable, Live Lounge Series is distinguished by the long, high-tension Art-Deco inspired Palladium lug on both toms and bass drums.