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Pete Wright

Ducking Punches

I am a session drummer who has toured the world over and spent many, many hours in studios recording countless albums and singles. I run my own studio in Norwich, UK, called The Compound where I offer remote recordings. I am also a passionate educator and a Guiness World Record holder for the longest drum marathon!

I remember being at the London Drum Show the first year that BDC unveiled themselves as a company. The first time I walked up to the stand to check out their kits I was truly floored by the attention given to every minute detail of the kit. The looked and sounded better than anything else in that room that day. Not only that, but Keith, Mel, Al and the rest of the team were instantly approachable. Passion, enthusiasm and love for this instrument were oozing out of them and I literally knew from that moment on that these were a group of people that I'd like to work alongside and whose drums I could see touring the world with. 

A couple of years on and the team were kind enough to invite me onto their stunning artist list and I feel truly humbled and privileged to feature next to some of the biggest talents around the globe.

"Every single time I sit behind my BDC kit, whether that is in the studio or in front of a crowd somewhere far far from home, a smile is always there. My kit gives me confidence to play how I want to play and I know that it will never let me down. Behind my kit, I feel truly like myself."

Pete's Setup

Legend series in Kensington Knight, 

  • 22/12/16

  • 14x6 Bluebird

  • 14x6.5 Merlin

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