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Joe Emmett

The Amazons


Joe Emmett is a drummer for The Amazons, a British rock band that emerged onto the music scene in 2014. The Amazons' music resonates with fans who appreciate the classic rock sound infused with a modern edge. Their ability to capture the spirit of rock and deliver it with a contemporary flair has garnered them a loyal following. As they continue to release new music and captivate audiences with their live performances, The Amazons solidify their place as a band to watch in the alternative rock genre.

Live Lounge Series (custom Duco finish)

  • 24x14 BD

  • 13x9 RT

  • 16x16 FT

  • 18x16 FT

  • 14x6.5 Merlin

Kit Setup

“I’m over the moon to be joining the BDC roster and adding my name to such a great list of drummers. Keith is one of the worlds leading designers in drum manufacturing and to have my kit built by him and the incredible BDC team is an honour. It’s made with the finest attention to detail and sounds amazing!"

Joe Emmett
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