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Gerry Brown

Diana Ross / Stevie Wonder

Legend Series - Ravenglass finish

  • 20 x 16 BD

  • 10 x 8 RT

  • 12 x 9 RT

  • 14 x 14 FT

  • 16 x 16 FT

  • Icarus , Bluebird & Merlin 5.5" Snare Drums

Kit Setup


It is a great joy and delight to be so warmly welcomed by the British Drum Company family to join this team of great people who are dedicated to celebrating and creating excellence in the Vast Arena of Drums.

In addition, to enjoy this opportunity to be active alongside the Icon of Heavy Metal Drumming - my friend and crazy brilliant compadre, Nicko McBrain - is elating, an honor, a privilege and a whole lot more drumming creativity and glorious fun just waiting to happen!

"The BDC drums that I have seen, and those that I have played, are models of supreme and skillful craftsmanship. They produce superb sound, are an absolute pleasure to play, and visually are beautiful works of art.

Onward, Upward, In Gratitude and Happy Anticipation of the Greatness Here, Now and Yet to Come ! My heartfelt thanks to you Nicko, and to my new BDC Friends!"

Gerry Brown
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